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I was having extraordinary difficulty getting my Cisco Aironet 350 to
connect to my WEP-encrypted wireless network. I Googled, and found, among
other things, this thread - but no solution. I have finally succeeded, and
am so connected even as I speak.

I've described the process at,
but here's a condensed version:

Set your access point to use a "Shared Key".

Then write a shell script to connect to your wireless network, along the
following lines:

/sbin/iwconfig eth0 essid "YourNetworkID"
iwconfig eth0 key restricted [1]
/sbin/ifup eth0

For the life of me, I could not get iwconfig to set the key, but that echo
command does it. The script needs to be run as 'root' as mere mortals can't
set parameters with iwconfig (or so it seems by me, anyway). I haven't tried
setting the script SUID root, but presumably that would work.

HTH someone