On Wed, Jul 26, 2006 at 04:05:02PM -0700, Steve Redlich wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Jul 2006, Craig Sanders wrote:
> >perl -p -i.bak 's/\b\d{10}\b/2006072701/;

> Craig,
> Thanks for this great tip. As a lazy self-centered jerk, I will find this
> very useful for updating my zone files.

there's good laziness and bad laziness.

laziness is a virtue when you use your brain and appropriate tools to
'work smarter' rather than 'work harder'. computers are good at doing
boring repetitive crap, it's what they're for....and it's much more
interesting to spend time writing a script or a decent regexp pattern
than it is to spend time manually making the same edits to hundreds of

laziness is not a virtue when you just couldn't be bothered doing things
the right way (or at all).

> I've yet to implement a web/[sql|ldap] based system for managing DNS
> records.

i never bothered either (although i experimented with a few different
methods, including a brief dalliance with pdns. pdns has a few nice
ideas and features, including automatic slave/secondary setup, but none
that are worth losing the flexibility of bind and plain text files).

in fact, i think that sql and ldap are entirely the wrong store for DNS
data....they're forcing a square peg into a round hole.

and it's entirely unneccessary when zone files are plain text files that
can be generated(*) and manipulated using standard tools like awk, sed,
grep, and of course perl.

(*) especially true for an ISP or virtual hosting service where most
zone files are identical (or at least 99% the same) except for the
actual domain name.


craig sanders (part time cyborg)

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