On 25.06. 23:00, Leonardo Boselli wrote:
> I have to decide before tomorrow 26 if ask for a temporary connection that
> would cost about 400 Euro or use an alternative setup: putting two
> wireless 811b/g AP and use them to make a bridge. These aps (that i have
> available, D-link 2000+) are given for 300 m in open space . the distance
> between buldings is 380, with such apparates i have been able with their
> plastic collinear to reach only about 100m, using a portable pc on the
> other end. so i think with a better antenna on each end i could be able to
> reach the 400 m (1 MB speed could be acceptable).

We have had a similar setup at DebConf6 in Mexico. It was a major
source of frustration. Take the temporary connection.



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