CVSROOT: /cvs/debian-doc
Module name: ddp
Changes by: debacle 06/01/22 07:14:30

Added files:
refcard : README
Removed files:
refcard : Makefile ad-example.eps ad-example.tex
debian-html.xsl entries-ca.dbk entries-cs.dbk
entries-da.dbk entries-de.dbk entries-en.dbk
entries-es.dbk entries-eu.dbk entries-fi.dbk
entries-fr.dbk entries-hu.dbk entries-it.dbk
entries-nl.dbk entries-pl.dbk entries-pt.dbk
entries-ro.dbk entries-ru.dbk entries-sv.dbk
entries-tr.dbk entries-uk.dbk
openlogo-nd-50.png openlogo-nd.eps preproc.xsl
refcard.dbk refcard.dia refcard.png refcard.xsl

Log message:
Put everything into the Attic. Add README.

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