Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Charles Plessy

Package name : gbrowse
Version : 1.68
Upstream Author : Lincoln Stein & the GMOD team (
License : Same as Perl, plus additional clauses (see below)
Programming Lang: Perl
Description : The Generic Genome Browser from GMOD

The Generic Genome Browser is a combination of database and interactive Web
page for manipulating and displaying annotations on genomes. Some of its
* Simultaneous bird's eye and detailed views of the genome.
* Scroll, zoom, center.
* Attach arbitrary URLs to any annotation.
* Order and appearance of tracks are customizable by administrator and end-user.
* Search by annotation ID, name, or comment.
* Supports third party annotation using GFF formats.
* Settings persist across sessions.
* DNA and GFF dumps.
* Connectivity to different databases, including BioSQL and Chado.
* Multi-language support.
* Third-party feature loading.
* Customizable plug-in architecture (e.g. run BLAST, dump & import many formats,
find oligonucleotides, design primers, create restriction maps, edit features)