After years of waiting on the sidelines, I have decided to take the plunge
and set up MythTV. I will probably be using a Ubuntu derived distribution
(Mythbuntu) or simply using my existing Debian desktop at home, hence this

I have done a bit of reading on this process over the past few weekends and
the dominant opinion seems to be that I should not skimp on the hardware
and try to employ a newer box. Getting past the reliability issues, is the
CPU processing power really important if the TV tuner card I have does
hardware compression ? How about memory ?

Speaking as a MythTV user, what is the best card (in terms of driver
availability, reliability, quality, etc.) in your opinion ? I want to know
what card you have used and if you are really happy with that choice. I
have seen WinTV Hauppage USB cards that are available for $99. Do these
have any performance issues wrt PCI cards ?

What I want from my box ? I want DVR capability with a remote, hardware
compression (should relax the specs on the box I use), HDTV quality capture
(preferably 1024 x 768, no 640 x 400 please). I might later wish to stream
the TV over Apache so that I can watch / tune when I am travelling.

What kind of a video o/p card would be good ? I do have an old NVidia
GeForce 2MX video card with TV out (SVideo) lying about - would that
suffice ?