Using Debian Etch (2.6.18-4-686) on an Asus k8n mobo (this page gives details of
the board I'm interested getting a Palm TE2 or TX
which have bluetooth built-in. They each come with Palm OS 5.4. The TE2 has an
Intel Xscale 200MHZ CPU, and TX uses an Intel ARM-based CPU at 312MHZ. After a
few fruitless hours searching the web I've _not_ found a *definitive* answer if
either device will work well, that is perfectly, on this OS. For example, ( doesn't inspire me to spend a couple
hundred bucks for either device. Does anybody have a TE2 or TX working with
Etch? Or, for that matter, on any Linux distribution? What steps were undertaken
to use it? Are you happy with the results? Additionally, which USB bluetooth
device have you found which work well on a Debian / Linux desktop with USB 2.0?

Thanks for reading this !