the newer debian installers are way better than those ten years ago, there
is absolutely no doubt about that.

But several times I have to compile and install several (mainly closed
source) drivers after installing debian directly from a pxe booting
So, what I am looking for is a simple and - even more important - time
saving way to use a custom compiled linux kernel for my
own 'mini-net-distribution', add the stuff I need for the wireless
adapters, graphic cards and so on and merge the whole bunch in my
installation tree - but everyhing else should be downloaded from an
official mirror...

As far as I understand the installation process, this would only be
possible, mirror a whole debian mirror localy and replace the appropriate
debian-packets whith my selfmade ones... but there has to be another

Sometimes, it's really annoying if you realize you have no wired-ethernet
working and you 'could' download the whole thing with the wireless card,
but even in those ralink drivers wpa is built in, you can't because on the
installation disk there are NO ralink drivers...

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