> Albert L Gerber wrote:

I'm running WinXP on the C drive and
>> Ubuntu on the second H/D or drive D. In Windows I can run the
>> resolution at 800X600 which works for me. I'm assuming that the
>> resolution cause some of the program windows to expand beyond the
>> limits of the program screens.
>> Thanks, Li'l Al

Signals wrote:
> Run the command dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg in a command prompt, it's
> likely X will guess correctly at what your video hardware is.

Thanks Signals, After some problems with Debian accepting my pass words,
either mine or administrative, along with Debian stopping in the middle
of starting up I finally got the Root terminal to run the command and
cured the problem with the resolution. It still doesn't like my
passwords as I had to restart the program to get the resolution
recognized. It stopped again asking for the password or typing in
Control-D. It wouldn't take any of those things and it wasn't till I
typed in Exit from the program that it continued on into The Debian Desk
Thanks friends.

Li'l Al