/var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases has two entries, each eth0. Both
are identical but for:

renew 5 2007/4/6 17:38:58;
rebind 5 2007/4/6 17:38:58;
expire 5 2007/4/6 17:38:58;

renew 2 2038/1/19 03:14:07;
rebind 2 2038/1/19 03:14:07;
expire 2 2038/1/19 03:14:07;

Is it normal for there to be two entries? These don't seem to make much
sense. The lease did not expire yesterday, and I doubt the whatever
lease I have lasts until 2038. Is there some other way to get lease
information? Any advice, pointers, greatly appreciated.

I lose connectivity every so often and am trying to track down the
problem. I'm tired of resyncing the cable modem. I think it has to do
with lease renewal, and that's why I ask the above. Thanks.