pulled lpr-2005.05.01 from debian website and compiled it. it does
print, but i can't make it correctly handle input filters. the groups
have many disscussions on not being able to use input filters on
remote printers, so i tried to work with that as well and still no

below are my printcap entries. all my printers are network attached
in one way or another.

# hp 5 on lantronix mps-1



the smport filter:
printf "\033(s12H" && cat | /usr/bin/lpr -Plaser && exit 0
exit 2

the ssaport filter:
printf "\033(s12H" && cat && exit 0
exit 2

i'm not certain that the no-if-on-rm rule applies to both lpr and
lprng, and i can not find any reference to it in the source code.
pr test.txt | lpr -Psmallsys (or ssa) and looking at the stream
with tcpdump, i never see the escape codes.

here is where i'm real confused. the ssaport filter is not new,
it's still running on some boxes with lpr-048. also, the smport
filter is partially working because the output is redirected to
the laser queue, sans printf string.

does anyone have any thoughts on what i'm missing?