Hello NG,

I tried to install PHP/apache out of this install cd what is mostely
avauilable over the world.
This installation is for Kijabe in Kenya with an very bad internet
connection. Is there an way to get an CD-image within php4 (not php5)
and apache2? In that case, I can download it from an place with better
internet connection.

There are several providers for getting cd´s. They are providing 5
instead of just one cd. Is that an way of getting images containing
these above named installations?

If there is no complete images within the packages available, is there
an place what is providing these packages php4/apache2 prefork and mysql
4.x? I tried several mirrors, all just provide php5 and php4 is not
longer available.
But I´ll need php4 because we´re installing an open source php packages
what is for the moment not prepared for php5.

These installations is needed for intel/AMD/etc processor types.

Thank you very much for your attention