Can anyone help?!

I am newish to Linux and after having played with Fedora, SuSE and
Ubuntu as desktop machines I am now trying to configure a server using

The box is not near my router, so I need a wireless solution - hence
using the Belkin device. The machine is configured as dual boot, and the
other operating system is SuSE - hence I know that this device works
with my system using the at76c503 driver.

After lots of help from fellows on IRC I have finally installed the at76
drivers, which correctly show up when I run lsmod.

Unfortunately, wlan0 does not seem to exist... iwconfig only shows eth0
and lo, and both show "no wireless extensions"

If I unplug the device I get a usb message, and on reconnecting it I get
a usb connect message.

The driver then issues an error message saying that the firmware file
atmel_at76c503-rfmd-acc.bin cannot be found. The file exists in
/lib/firmware - the same place as it does on the SuSE drive.

Any thoughts appreciated.