I recently started using the debian supplied kernel 2.6.15, but since I
have a k6-II I can't use the default prefered install of 2.6.15-686, so
I had to force apt to drop to the 486. Well, I didn't have anything
better to do so I decided I'd compile a k6/k6-II/k6-III kernel. So I

I used the existing 2.6.15 .config from my /boot and the compile died
with one of the atm drivers causing errors. So I just told it not to
compile that module. Now it compiles correctly.

Only, now when it goes to boot udev just goes crazy. it's at high
speed so I couldn't get a single of the many lines read before it
continued along booting. but I did gather that it had to do with it
registering my ide devices. in particulat my 160GB Seagate Barracuda.

Is this something that failed during compile, something I didn't do in
the .config, or what?

for what it's worth I've also tried with equal results (and no
noticible changes in the .config) deleting the .config I was using and
letting menuconfig/xconfig to use whatever defaults they fill in if
left to their own devices.

I know the differences between the 486 compiled one I'm using and the
k6 one I'm trying to build are minor, but I was doing it for fun at
first and now I'm on a vendetta to find out why this stupid thing won't