I have been running Debian Stable and wanted to get Mythtv to work in
my Compaq Presario
I purchased a HD-3000 card and installed it in my machine. (I'm using
the system board's default sound card )

I tried to get MythTV to install via apt get and I was informed that I
needed to install something like libsounddev2 with was not compatible
with the rest of the system. (sorry for the fuzzy facts, it was a while
ago now.)
I forced the install of the library file and found that my sound quit
working. In fact, I get no sound whatsoever. I no longer get /dev/dsp
- even as root. Thinking the sound might work if I compiled a new
kernel, I down loaded Linux Kernel 2.6.15. I compiled the kernel with
alsa rolled in. I also opted for no OSS

I gave up on getting MythTV to work for now, but with tvtime and xawtv
I can see video coming from the HD-3000 card, but can't hear any sound.

any suggestions as to what I can to to get sound working again?