I run Debian Testing/Unstable the version of gphoto2 is 2.1.6. I had been
trying to get my Kodak CD40 to work through gthumb or gtkcam or whatever.
It would not. However, when running Ubuntu 5.10 which also runs gphoto2
2.1.6. It does, out of the box. So I start by recompiling my kernel about
100 times in debian thinking I must have some sort of USB type support
disabled since I have hardly used Ubuntu and the kernel is still stock.
Turns out, I find by checking the Ubuntu libraries for
gphoto2, /usr/lib/gphoto2 that there are 53 files 1.1MB. While in Debian
there 53 files 1MB. Strange. So I do the obvious and copy all
the /usr/lib/ghoto2 libraries from Ubuntu 5.10 installation over to Debian
and just like magic my camera now works in Debian. Just a thought for
someone with digital camera troubles.

This camera is recognized on my system as a usb ptp class camera.