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In Victor Roberts wrote:


>Well, I just got an answer of sorts to my question about
>purchasing a license to use PGP 6.x in a commercial
>The EULA included with PGP 6.x says a commercial use license
>is available at Going to that web site takes me
>to as expected. I sent an e-mail to the
>encryption sales department of McAfee requesting information
>on a commercial use license for PGP 6.x. The people at
>McAfee forwarded my e-mail to a PGP reseller who called me
>and tried to sell me a copy of PGP 9.x, which will not work
>on my Win98SE system. He also lied to me repeatable about
>the provisions of the license for PGP Personal Desktop 9.x.
>He stated that this product is not licensed to be used in a
>commercial environment. While he would not or could not
>provide the license itself, he claimed that the term "Home"
>used in the title of the software "proved" that it is not
>licensed to use in a commercial environment. I confirmed
>through PGP Corporation that he is incorrect!
>This whole experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth
>regarding PGP Corporation. I will certainly not be using any
>software from PGP in the future.

This is the final proof. PGP Corp has gotten entirely too fat and greed infested to be of any use or value.
I strongly recommend that everyone drop PGP Corp's products and switch to freeware open source
replacements such as GnuPG and TrueCrypt as I already have.