Dan N wrote:

> How do I upgrade Sarge to the 2.6 kernel? Is it simply a matter of an
> apt-get?


I'm an ex-Slacker, so my approach may not be very debianesque. But I am
running Sarge with the latest 2.6.14, and it works like a charm.

- Grab sources from kernel.org, untarzip in /usr/src, eventually symlink.

- cd /usr/src/linux

- cp arch/i386/defconfig ./.config --> this gives you a minimal no-bull****

- make menuconfig

- hard-compile filesystems and chipset, set the cpu right.

- Eventually, try out this minimal kernel without any peripherals.

- make bzImage modules modules_install

- adjust GRUB or LILO stanza

- set /etc/default/bootconfig to Yes

- reboot

- ...

- Now take a peek at dmesg and /var/log/boot output. Discover indicates you
exactly which modules it is looking for. Compile these (see above).

- Bits and pieces: PPP modules, Framebuffer, boot logo, ...

Don't be offended if I don't use make-kpkg, but that doesn't make sense to


Niki Kovacs

> Dan