I just installed a Debian Sarge on my computer. I usually use a Linux From
Scratch, so I'm new to Debian. I'd like to get DRI work with XFree, but
allways get this message :

(WW) RADEON(0): [agp] AGP not available

I tried to preload radeon and agpgart modules, but nothing changed.
Glxinfo tells me dri is off.

My configuration : ATI 900 Pro, chipset VIA KT333, AMD Athlon 2600+,
kernel 2.4.28 (I think, at least the last 2.4 kernel provided, a friend
told me 2.6 is still unstable, and I agree with this statement,
experiencing a few bugs on my LFS box).

DRI works on my LFS box. I browsed the web, found quite a few message of
the same kind, but no satisfying answer.

Is there a "standard" way to install DRI ?


PS : BTW, XF86Config-4 has been modified by a package installation, it
contains every directive to load DRI support.

PS2 : copy to my friend Francois, Debian specialist ;-)


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