Hi All,
I've a Netgear WG511 (The v1 made in China) on a PCMCIA slot and an
AMD64-based Laptop running 64bit-Debian: I needed to use that card to
access to my WLAN in Linux, too. I've read about prism54 and ndiswrapper,
but both seems to be full working only if running 32-bit drivers; in fact
it'd seem no manufacturer releases 64-bit version of its driver.
In alternative, I've the integrated WiFi Lan - it should be a 54 MBit-WLAN-
Chip: Broadcom Corporation BCM94306 802.11g (rev 03) - which works fine
under Windows (XP Home Edition 32bit).

So, could you please help me to get at least one of the two cards working
(may be suggesting me a simple HOWTO)?

Thanks in advance,