In article <4363f5d7$0$41141$>, Madhusudan Singh
>Chris wrote:

>> He doesn't really know what he's done.
>> Nor the consequences.
>> So he doesn't know how to get back to a clean state.

>You would never wander far from a "clean" state if you kept reinstalling.
>Which kills the amount you can learn.

I like the scientific principle of trying one thing at a time.
If my system was messed up by a variety of my mistakes,
then I wouldn't know why the next thing had failed.

Two installations would be good: a configured one; and a bare one to
keep imaging back to a clean state.

>> Now then - what is the Debian Sarge equivalent of that?

>They call it a full system backup using rsync and an external hard drive.

Thanks, I will look into that.