Hi, Does anyone own any of these boards and can send me a ROM dump?

I recently bought a "Quick and Timely" (Q&T) Single Board Computer
(SBC) 2/4 for the S-100 bus. Fortunately it came with documention
because there does not appear to be any at the usual S-100
documentation archives like bitsavers.org, Howard Harte's, or




So I have scanned the documentation which came with the card and will
send it to the archives for them to include.

The problem is my board did not come with a monitor ROM as mentioned
in the documentation. This is not a huge problem as I can probably
just write one or modify the Dave Dunfield RAMless monitor, burn an
EPROM, and plug it in.

However, if anyone has one of these boards and would be so kind as to
send me a hex dump of the ROM or better yet, a commented assembler
source, I will include it in the documentation I am preparing for the
archives. I would just as soon use the one which came with the Q&T
SBC rather than re-invent another one.


Andrew Lynch