Is anybody out there who has a lost copy of XMACRO-86 ?

I was re-reading an old issue of BYTE (August 1980), when I
found an advert by Microsoft (p.97).

Looking for BASIC, I saw that they were selling "BASIC-86
standalone on (Intel) SBC 86/12" for a cool $600...

Just as I was turning the page, my eye catched the caption:
"New! XMACRO-86"...

"For the development of 8086 programs, our new XMACRO-86
cross-assembler has just been released. It supports the same
features as our M80 assembler. Develop 8086 programs now on
your current CP/M system. $300."

OK. If someone find it, despite not liking Micro**** (that's why
I chose never to disassemble M80), I will disassemble it. After
all, M80, the Zilog Z-80 relocatable macro assembler of
Micro**** is totally written in Intel 8080 code so, after 20
years of disassembling 8080 code, it should not be difficult...

(My idea is to translate it in 8086, using Digital Research's

(Doing a Google search, I found one American company selling
the manual (only) for a cool $99.00... I wonder how many
companies are still developing MS-DOS programs under CP/M
2.2 in 2007?)

Yours Sincerely,
Mr Emmanuel Roche