Version 17 of my booklet "MaxZ80 - A Z-System Tutorial Through
Examples" or

is a "Perfect 10" in the sense that it is, hopefully, error free and
priced at $6.21 (plus $2.96 S&H).

As you may know, a 10K footrace is approximately 6.21 miles.

The printed booklet's cover is in color and the interior pages are now
black and white. They used to be color, but there is very little color
anyway and it did not add much to the product. This caused the price
to drop by $10.92. I make $0 for each sale; all costs are due to Lulu

In the spirit of Donald E. Knuth, I will pay a $2.56 reward to the
first finder of every bona-fide remaining error in my booklet,
"whether it is technical, typographical or historical."

$2.56 is 1 hexadecimal dollar.

Submit your error report to