Bill H wrote:
> Timex Sinclair 1000... since all of the Z80 cpu lines are brought
> out the back, what is the possibility of hooking up a S-100 video
> board (was there such a beast) or something equivalent?

It's certainly possible. But, what is the point? None of the existing
software would know about it or use it.

As an alternative, have you considered upgrading the existing display?
The ZX80 and ZX81 used a very clever video interface with an absolute
minimum of hardware. It was limited to 32 characters per line by the TV
horizontal scan frequency (15.75 KHz) and the Z80 clock speed (4 MHz).
Nowdays, it is easy to find much faster Z80s and multisync monitors that
eliminate these limits. So, a little tweaking might give you a 64- or
even 80-character line and far faster program execution speed.
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