I have some items that may be of interest to the die-hard S-100 folks
out there. I will GIVE these items away to any takers to clear some
much-needed space and save them from the land fill.

The items are two (2) complete (I think) sets of Digiac brand S-100
trainers that I bought six or eight years ago from a DRMO surplus sale
at Keesler AFB, MS. The trainers were used as training aids in the
electronics school at Keesler.

EACH of the two sets of equipment consists of the following:

1. A Godbout S-100 box that is about the same size and shape as the
original IMSAI 8080 S-100 box, but seems much heavier. It has a much
huskier analog power supply. The box contains a ten slot (IIRC) mother
board and four or five S-100 cards. There is a CPU card, a RAM card (I
don't remember the amount of RAM), a serial I/O card, a cassette
interface card (I think), maybe another card or two, and a strange
miniature front panel containing MANY miniature switches the purpose of
which is unknown to me.

2. A desk top console that has the complete set of IMSAI 8080 front
panel switches and lights. This connects to the S-100 box by means of a
couple of ribbon data cables and a DC supply cable.

3. A modified cassette recorder-player presumably used to store programs.

4. A Televideo 12" CRT dumb terminal that essentially emulates an ADM-3.

5. A bunch of cables to hook everything together.

I have NO documentation whatsoever for any of this stuff.

I bought this stuff with all good intentions of "playing with it" but
never got around to it. I'm getting "long in the tooth" now (age 74) and
will never have time to do anything with it, so I hope someone will
rescue it before it winds up in the local land fill.

I'm kind of hazy about the cards in the Godbout box because I haven't
looked at the stuff in several years and I'm not about to dig the heavy
suckers out and take the covers off at this point. What you get
is----what you get! Sorry.

This stuff is way too heavy and bulky to ship economically so it would
have to be picked up at my home in Mobile, AL., or, I could load it up
in my van and deliver it to anyone in the Mobile area or anyone on the
I-10 corridor between Daphne, AL and Slidell, LA since I travel that
route frequently.

So c'mon somebody! Such a deal...

My email is etgreeley@earthlink.net. Best to use that because my access
to newsgroups is flaky sometimes.

Ed Greeley