There has been some discussion here on tiny-c, both the CP/M version
and the PC version. I have managed with the help of Ed Davis to get
tiny-c working under Linux by compiling the C source code of the
interpreter w/ gcc. It runs in a terminal session. An archive of
source, executables and sample programs may be found at

In a certain sense I see this as CP/M kind of coming full circle in
the following way: CP/M evolved into Z-System which borrowed many many
ideas from Unix. And now there is a pretty powerful fairly easy to
program interpretive language that started in CP/M and now runs under
Linux. No need for DOS emulators, Z80 emulators etc.

I have not as of yet added any documentation on the features of the
Linux implementation but the earlier page at
is useful.

Conversions like this always present interesting hurdles along the
way. I could not have done it without Ed's help. I hope a few people
out there enjoy the samples and welcome any feedback.