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> > doesn't _own_ the product, only gets the right to use it (not
> > duplicate, not reverse-engineer, not create a derivative thereof etc.
> > etc.)? Sounds unfair to me.

In European law you *are* allowed to reverse engineer, for the
express purpose of getting something to work correctly. I have had
to do this quite often for stuff that assumes everything is stored
in C:\. I don't have a C: at work, I have S: (shared apps) and
H: (home).

Theoretically, "reverse engineering to ensure correct functioning
on a platform" could be stretched to let you copy your VHS to DVD
so you can use it - as long as there is still one effective copy,
you don't reuse the original after transfering it.

I often copy my CDs to tape to listen to them while out walking. I
feel morally comfortable with that. I only have one pair of ears. I
listen to that one logical copy of the album on whatever physical
medium is appropriate to the moment.

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