Work continues on the N8VEM project. I am currently developing and
testing a Disk IO board with IDE and FDC interfaces. The IDE portion
is done and works. I use it with an IDE hard disk everyday and it is

I am currently testing the FDC portion. It is based on the i8272 (NEC
765A). The FDC is working but not fully tested. It can read sectors
from various IBM PC disk formats (360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.4M). I am
writing software for this FDC and would like to improve/refine this
design. That includes a CP/M CBIOS once the hardware is done.

This project is in the prototyping phase and there are no manufactured
PCBs at this time. Eventually I intend to make PCBs available but
after the design matures and development and test is sufficient to
warrant it.

Specifically, I am looking for other Z80 home brew hobbyists with
experience with FDCs who would be willing to build another prototype
for additional testing and design. If anyone has interest in building
their own Disk IO board please contact me. Multiple builders will
improve the chances the Disk IO board will work for a wide range of
builders and catch problems early.

The design is generic enough that it does not require an N8VEM SBC
although it does assume a Z80. All the hardware and software
information is available and will be posted when done similar to the
rest of the N8VEM project.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

PS I still have some N8VEM SBC and ECB backplane PCBs available if
anyone is looking to build their own home brew Z80 CP/M computer.
There is additional information here: