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no.spam@no.uce.bellatlantic.net wrote:
> >Anybody seen one? Something like a trn clone perhaps?

> After some research I think it's very doable though at least for the
> text based groups.

I suppose I effectively use a text news browser.

I read and write emails with VIEW, a text editor, on a BBC Master
computer. I send and receive email via dialup to Arcade BBS. I send
and receive posts from comp.sys.acorn.programmer,
comp.sys.acorn.hardware, comp.sys.acorn.misc and
comp.sys.acorn.networking via Arcade's mail-to-news gateway and
from comp.sys.cpm via a mail-to-news gateway at kostecke.net as
well as about a dozen mailing lists which feel like newsgroups.

Axel Berger wrote:
> Possibly, using the current permanently online abominations. The
> sensible use of the Usenet involves down- and uploading packets of
> messages in one go and hanging up. I still call up my BBS with a modem
> and exchange news through something similar to UUCP, the only way to
> get useable and fast threading.

That's how I do it. At about 01:30 my server (a BBC B) dials
Arcade, bulk uploads any outgoing messages, bulk downloads any
incoming messages, deletes all from the remote server, logs off,
then locally processes and splits up the received message file.

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