Hi Group,

Today I picked up quite a system from a nice guy.
It's an Intertec: the front is labeled as "System 10" while on the
back I read "Super Disk".
It sports two 8" 250Kb drives (indeed it seems to be a one motor-drive
mechanics with two independent heads, its a Persci thingy) and it's
been "upgraded" by piggy-backing a bunch of 2116s (nice gold-plated
good old chips) on the original memory and about 100m of fine wiring!!
It's a standalone unit and needs a terminal to operate (it came with a
neat Lear Siegler ADM-3A).

I am quite happy having recovered a box with around 100 8" floppies
and system disks as well as char-based games , Cobol, Supercalc and

Anyway I am puzzled because I find absolutely no reference for this
system when I am looking at Intertec's production, even a rapid look
at early BYTES does not returns any reference, not even an
advertising: perhaps this computer is known with another name.

Anybody would be so kind to shed some light on this?

Gabriele B