available at: ftp://ftp.unix4fun.org/z80pack/

The setup for I.5 was faulty, forgot to configure lead-in for cursor
movement, so editor was not working, corrected.

Setup of move cursor right was faulty in all versions, corrected.

Installed the Z80 assembler on all versions as the default assembler.
8080 assembler if available on the second disk.

Added more complete tools to the disks, forgot that some of you might
use it on a platform without tools to deal with the disk images. Also
added source code for calc and sine programs to I.5 and II.0, so that
you have some source on the disks to play with. Can be compiled under
IV.0 too, but no real number support in the p-code interpreter :-(

Used the source for the I.5 p-code interpreter, to build a new one that
supports all four 8" floppy disks and both 4MB harddisks of z80pack.
With that you get a machine similar to the minis used in the 80th,
dealing with 2 floppy disks only is not really fun.

The BIOS was modified for this, so you need the new ucsd-booter disk also.

Some documentation about the UCSD p-System under z80pack at:

Udo Munk
The real fun is building it and then using it...