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For anyone who doubts that the rest of the Nerd
community still has a fondness for our beloved
Commodore C64 and C128 computers... (How about
a CP/M LAN Party next time?)

"The world's first Commodore 64 LAN party was held at
the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club 2008 Expo last
weekend, where the new multiplayer C64 game NetRacer
was unveiled. The setup consists of up to eight
Commodore 64s with Ethernet cartridges and a central
server written in Java running on a PC. The game is
also playable over the Internet."

"The latest C=4 expo certainly featured an extraordinary
event: the very first Commodore 64 LAN party, in which
the homebrew game "NetRacer" programmed by Leif Scheme
was played head-to-head by a wonderful octuplet of
tucked-shirts-and-jeans beardos on eight networked C64s.
Oh, so very wonderful. Check out the site, the pictures
are fantastic: these guys all look like they were sucked
through a time vortex from 1986 to 2008, clinging with
bloody nails to their cherished C64s."

A Commodore 64 Expo was held recently, where attendees
dusted off their Commodore 64s, networked them together
and had an old-fashioned LAN party to play NetRacer
a new C64 racing game that supports eight people
over Internet or LAN for the first time. ... NetRacer
also supports joystick controls, has sound effects and
scrolling animations which is pretty crazy when you
think about the hardware it's running on. In addition
to the LAN party (rumored to be for C64 A-listers only),
the event featured Snogpitch's coveted C-1 computer,
soldering stations, impromptu tutorials in 6502
Assembler, frankengadgets, Mountain Dew, and a raffle!"

Commodore 64 users create perfect nerdstorm
"There's nerd and then there's Commodore 64 nerd.
Bring them together in a Commodore 64 LAN party and
you've got a nerdstorm of mythical proportions. The
world's first Commodore 64 LAN party was held in
Nerdistan^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Cincinnati last weekend.
It consisted of eight C64s with Ethernet cartridges
playing NetRacer off a central, Java-based server.
So Geeksta it hurts.

The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club C=64 2008 Expo:
"Leif (Schema) also had a groundbreaking demo, in which
he showed his networked game "NetRacer", which ran on
eight networked C64s (using RR-Net Ethernet boards)..."
(Also see the Q-Link server on the same page...)

From the NetRacer home page:
"NetRacer is a simple racing game written to demonstrate
the potential of multiplayer games over the Internet with
the Commodore 64."

Google search on "commodore 64 lan party" with
thousands and thousands of links so far:

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