Hi All,

Yesterday I ordered a second batch of the N8VEM SBC PCBs. Probably
they will arrive on or about 29 Jul 2008.

If you'd like to be on the "committed firm to buy" waiting list please
email me. The PCBs will be $20 plus shipping and the same conditions
as before. I am *not* accepting paid pre-orders or any advance
payments. I'll process the orders in the same order as they come in.

Once I process orders and send out PCBs to those on the waiting list I
will then open the remainder up to the public. I assume there will be
plenty left over but you never know with these things. I have been
quite surprised that the first batch went as quickly as it did.
Please see the website for more information.

This is a non-commercial hobbyist project only. There is an active
group of hobbyists building, modifying, and creating SBCs and
peripherals at the N8VEM Google Group. For example, one member has
created an SD reader/writer and there are numerous other
modifications, software, etc. All the hardware and software
information is publicly available

Some builders have created photo displays of their working SBCs and
you are free to ask about the project. I have plans for other
peripherals in the works but have been concentrating on distributing
the PCBs in recent weeks.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch