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Allison-nospam@nouce.bellatlantic.net wrote:
> On 4 Jan 2006 14:33:40 -0800, "Bill H" wrote:
> >Not sure if you have seen this:
> >
> >http://mdfs.net/Archive/info-cpm/

> Interesting, Quick pass reading suggests there are posts missing like
> all of mine. Lot of familiar names.

I fully expect there to be gaps in the archive due to various
factors such as the sources being incomplete and various periods
when there were overlapping groups. info-cpm morphed into
net.micro.cpm which morphed into comp.os.cpm. I believe that my
archive has no posts that were made to 'comp.os.cpm', only the two
previous groups. See mdfs.net/Archive/info-cpm/help for the

The messages in the archive are sourced from the SIMTEL archives
on the Walnut Creek CD-ROM. I wrote a program to extract and
present the posts in the form of the original Google Groups. This
program is still run monthly to update the BBC Micro mailing list
archive at mdfs.net/Archive/BBCMicro

JGH - mdfs.net