You may remember that I have a strong intererst in MP/M-II (Alas,
Bruce Jones disappeared.).

While searching for something else, I found references to three
articles about MP/M-II.

Unfortunately, they were published in the "Microsystems" journal, and
I have very few of them (I was only getting DDJ, back then).

- "Getting Started with MP/M-II: Installing a Basic MP/M System"
Dave Hardy & Ken Jackson
"Microsystems", January 1984, p.44

- "Enhancing MP/M-II: Features and Faults"
Tom Clodfelter
"Microsystems", January 1984, p.36

- "Enhancing MP/M-II: A Batch Processor"
Tom Clodfelter
"Microsystems", March 1984, p.62

(If you know of some other interesting articles about MP/M-II, you are

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Emmanuel Roche, France