Hi everyone! Again, not strictly CP/M related, I have an update on my
GSX-86 C library that I had ported to Microsoft C. I've updated the
port of the library to compile under OpenWatcom. The library provides
simple wrappes for all GSX-86 calls with C functions. The library was
originally designed for use with Mark Williams C (under CP/M) and
Computer Innovations C (under MS-DOS). This updated MS/PC-DOS library
is available at:


The OpenWatcom compiler is a modern compiler suite still being developed
that is able to target 16-bit DOS systems. The compiler can be hosted
under a number of systems, including OS/2, Windows, Linux (under WINE),
and DOS (32-bit only). The compiler is open source and freely
available. Previously my version of the GSX library only worked with
Microsoft C, but, since that is difficult to find and still copyrighted,
I ported the library to the up-to-date OpenWatcom suite. Give it a try
if interested!

Jeff Armstrong (jba@member.fsf.org)