On May 9, 11:27 pm, lynchaj wrote:

> I think the P112 shares the same fate. Awesome SBC but no longer
> available.
> http://frotz.homeunix.org/p112/
> Andrew Lynch

Dave Griffith announced in mid-April in comp.os.cpm, that he is
considering offering more p112 kits from parts on hand. Look for
"P112" to find his post. I suggest anyone interested contact him via
the Web site linked above, which also links to a discussion group. I'm
not a part of that project, I just track it.

Speaking for myself, it makes more sense to support Dave Griffith's
work on re-offering a Z180 board, than to resurrect a Ciarcia design
which 1) has been out of production for many more years and 2)
presumably is owned by MicroMint who may object to reproductions
without permission.

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