(originally posted in comp.arch.embedded)
....who designed a minimal Z80-based SBC circa 1998.
The board is referenced in the Thomas Scherrer Z80 info
pages, and I would like to contact him about the design.

Please note that this is in no way a commercial endeavor
or request, or anything like that - I moderate a
Y! Group (info below) that is trying to design a range
of Z80 (with or without some sort of monitor/forth/CPM)
hobbyist SBCs.

To contact me off of USENET, email me at
the address in the headers, or please use:
nuke-spam-eggs&spam-48386 ATT yahoo .com.
(demunge as necessary, hint: no dashes,
ampersands, or food).

The Y! Group is:
(yes, it's a silly name. yes, I regret naming it that.)