While reading through the thread dealing with the ..ah, usefulness
of CP/M, I found a ppg lamenting the unavailability of ptrs with proper
interfaces. Well, I've a Centronics Graphics 122 dot matrix ptr that wants a
new home. It's what I call 'commercial grade,' in that it is exceptionally
sturdy (no plastic frame, cover, etc). It uses a std parallel cable -- back
in the day, I used it on my TeleVideo LAN (806, 3x802, 2x803, 1xTPC-I) and
it worked beautifully. I got it used and so have no manual for it. It prints
ASCII (no pictures in spite of the name), using black ribbons and is fairly
fast. I've a box of ribbons for it and, of course, the old 'spray the ribbon
w/WD-40' trick seemed to work well also. I put it away quite a few years ago
when I took down my LAN, but it was working very well then and I don't
expect that has changed.

If anyone is interested, contact me here or via email (email addy on
this post is good). I'm willing to be very reasonable pricewise.

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