Recent added 512K of banked RAM to my homebrew Z80 system and got
Banked and Portable Bios (BPBios) running. The performance
improvement was great and I now have a 512 Meg harddrive using the
GIDE interface. Flush with success I decided to try out Backgrounder
II. There was a demo version on the Walnut Creek CD so I wrote a
screen driver and installed BG II. Trouble is the demo is terribly
slow to load because it goes through several screens that each have
between 30 and 60 second delays before proceeding to the next screen.
Additionally you are limited to the A: drive only. This means that
the swap file cannot be placed on a RAM Drive. Consequently, swiching
between tasks takes about 3-4 seconds (sometimes up to 8-10 seconds)
while the video screen and memory are written to and read from the
swap file. These long delays spoil the BG-II experience. Whats the
use of being able to have two programs running at the same time (its
not true concurrency only the illusion) if it takes so long to switch
between tasks?
My question is: does anyone know how to get a copy of the non-demo
version of BG-II? I know that some of the programs that Bridger
Mitchell wrote have ended up in the public domain such as DateStamper
and Z3Plus but certainly not all. Wondering what the status of BG-II
is? Does Bridger or Plu*Perfect plan on releasing their CP/M software?