I got a message from a fellow in Denmark the other day wondering if
I'd be interested in adding some MYZ80 .key files to my "maxz80.zip"

Since some interest has already been expressed in a .key file for
German keyboards, I have put his work into the archive.

Here is a link to what he sent me. It's an archive with just the .key
files and a small file named language.txt which lists what names were
given to which keyboards.


My "maxz80" archive is at


Probably the easiest way to get this to work for you is this:

Extract the KBDxxx.key file that you want, rename it to MYZ80.KEY and
put it in the DOS directory which contains the emulator.

When running the emulator, if you put yourself in A0: and type


you will be shown a list of all the keyboards supported. Here it is:

KBD120 Belgium
KBD129 Germany and Austria
KBD142 Italy
KBD143 Netherlands
KBD150 Switzerland
KBD153 Sweden and Finland
KBD155 Norway
KBD159 Denmark
KBD163 Portugal
KBD173 Spain
KBD179 Turkey
KBD189 France
KBD197 Iceland
KBD208 Hungary
KBD214 Poland
KBD234 Serbo-Croatian
KBD243 Czech Republic
KBD245 Slovakia


Please let me know (if you do use this) if you experience any