I traded about 15-20 hours of linux programming and consulting (it was
a favor with a perk) for two sight unseen computers, a complete
Autograft system and an Osborne Executive 1 with manuals and software.

Has anyone ever heard of an Autograft system?

The first time I powered it up the hard drive grunted and then it
sounds like its releasing a relay or solenoid. I left it there for a
while to let it warm up, turned it off and plugged in a separate PC
power supply, and then turned it back on. It spun up slowly.

This isn't the only problem, the 186 CPU card is not generating a
clock. : ( I know its not the card cage or any of the cards because
I have another 186 CPU card and it makes the jade bus probe blink for
a second. I will take some pictures of the two cards tonight and
maybe one of you can help me figure out if they can be swapped. Or I
could try repairing the CPU card.

What should I do? Leave it spinning? I can turn off the rest of the
computer and leave the drive spinning. This system is frozen in
time. A 100% complete AutoCAD system from 1983. I assume its worth
preserving for history, right? Its worth nothing parted out on e-bay.

It was manufactured in 1983.
From what I can tell it has:
186 processor
512k RAM
20MB (or possibly 50MB) winchester
512x480 13" RGB monitor for graphics (8 "brilliant" colors the docs
Wyse terminal for text
Autocad 1.4 from Autodesk for CP/M 86
24x36" plotter
11x11 12 button digitizer (a tablet)

And there is a receipt for $19,000 in the binder. : )