Allison: Why?>
Because of my preconcieved notion about the nature of the DB
connectors. Why that idea seemed more outlandish than using an old Ford
ignition coil + household lamp dimmer switch + a coat hanger to make a
Jacob's Ladder, I don't know. It's fast becoming my favorite homebrew
solution. (The DB's are; the Jacob's Ladder is where I got my 60kv poke
I mentioned in the Kaypro Video discussions.)

Thanks to both Allison and primo for the tips on signal suppresion
via ground/planes and traces. Perhaps that's why my breaded circuit is
acting so spurious all of the sudden. I should go bact to the Z80 info
site and review the schematics there for some ideas on loading

Bill : That's a decent manufactured solution. In my my other
searches, I ran across a sale that Circuit Specialist's is having on
7-slot ISA passive backplanes:

It's looking more and more like I've got some studying to do on ground
planes and loading resistors. Thanks again to the group, you've all
been incredibly helpful. Sorry about the delay in replying, I had to go
to a funeral earlier this month, and stayed a while to help the