It seems that in more than just one topic is emerging the needs to have
a mirror service for that sites carrying software or documents for our
beloved os.
This is perfectly reasonable in my opinion.
Having a site mirrored (and mirrored multiples times is even better)
it's probably the only way to avoid loss of rare documents, precious
not just for us CP/Mers, but for the computing history in general.

Mirroring is used over the internet for contents, let me say, really
less rare and historicals than the ones regarding CP/M and old cpus we
are used to. It's a service a bit useful than a simple backup copy,
offering bandwith sharing, for an example, or the availability of some
contents even when the original site is down for normal maintenance
routines (apart from disasters!)
For this reason i begun to made public mirrors for some of the sites i
have on my storage, if and when i have the permission to do so by the
respective webmasters.
It's my intention to contact ditectly some of you for this.
Follow this link to give a look:

On the other hand, may be i've missed some important URLs or that some
webmaster here explicitly desire its site mirrored. If this is the
case, simply email me for this and i'll add link to contents on my
storage almost immediately.
The same is valid even if you know of some site carrying interesting
material: let me know the URL.
I'm available on this ng or as or even here:

A last thing: i've also started a project for the archiving of CP/M
newgroups (, net.micro.cpm and comp.os.cpm). Something is
already available on my site. Download of comp.os.cpm is still running.
For those interested this is the link:


Piergiorgio Betti