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1- How to restore the windows default icons?

You can restore the all windows default desktop icons, if you
accidentally deleted them from your computer desktop.......

2- How to create One-Click Shutdown icon on your desktop?
You can shutdown your computer with a single click on the desktop
shutdown icon. You can set the time when your computer starts the
shutdown process. A simple click on shutdown icon, close the all
running applications and start shutting down properly after predefined
time. This tip is very useful to save energy and time. After the
execution of this command, a small window will appear to start count
time of system shutdown..........

3- How to backup of your computer installed drivers?
You can easily create the backup of your computer installed drivers
(just the particular or all drivers) and use it to troubleshoot any
driver problems. This backup will be very useful when you will format
your computer window due to any reason. There is no need to search the
drivers from internet or drivers CD, just import the driver backup and
within five minute, you will complete the driver installation process.
You can move this backup from one computer to other computer for

4- How to view previously open Folders after Shutdown or Logoff?
If you need to access lot of folders on your home computer or on the
network regularly then you can set them re-open automatically, when
you will login, shutdown or restart your computer next time. There is
no need to open regularly used folders manually, just configure the
simple sitting, your computer will automatically reload all the
previously opened windows.......


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