I have to start to make some room for various baby and child storage spaces
(their stuff, not the little ones themselves).

I am looking for expressions of interest in probably two Xerox 820-II machines,
with 8" dual floppy, fully working when last turned on a couple of years ago.
Stored inside since then in a dry basement on shelving.

They would have to be picked up from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

I would be interested in any late-model Apple II (IIe/Platinum/IIgs) gear in
trade if you have any.

Please email me directly and be sure to put Xerox on the subject line. If I get
significant interest, I will post back some sort of auction or tie-breaker. As
it is pickup only, I don't really see the need to post/pay eBay, you can see
before you buy.