1.) MPU-A (Rev. 4) IMSAI Microprocessor board.

2.) I.D.S. 88-SPM Clock Module from International Data Systems.

3.) D.R.C. 16K ROM board. Includes fourteen 2708 EPROM chips!!!!!

4.) Seals Electronics 8K SC RAM board. Fully populated with sixty-four
2102 RAM chips!!!!

5.) EIGHT - IMSAI PIO (Rev. 2) Parallel I/O boards

6.) IMSAI SIO (Rev. 3) Serial I/O board

7.) A Wire Wrapped Project Board

Also included is an IMSAI 8080 Microcomputer System User Manual in a
three-ring binder. This is in good condition with typical wear and tear
- yellowing at the edges of some pages, some markings in pencil and
pen, and occasional tears. Sections of this manual cover the features,
assembly and testing for the following sub-components:

1.) Cabinet

2.) Motherboard

3.) Power Supply

4.) CP-A (Control or Operator's Panel)

5.) MPU-A Microprocessor board

6.) RAM-4A board (No RAM-4A board included, but the manual is)

7.) PROM-4 board (No PROM-4 board included, but the manual is)

8.) PIO board

9.) SIO board

10.) SIOC board (No SIOC board included, but the manual is)

11.) UCRI board (No UCRI board included, but the manual is)

12.) Seals 8K SC board

There are schematic diagrams for nearly all of the twelve
sub-components listed. Very valuable for troubleshooting!

The binder also holds the code for a monitor, assembler and text

This microcomputer does power up and the front panel LEDs blink, but it
does not operate properly. It does not seem to respond to the STOP or
STEP switches, but the LED patterns change when the address and data
switches are altered. This unit has been stored in a basement or garage
for much of the last 15 years, so there is some dust that is clinging
to it, but I have cleaned off much of it. The cover of the cabinet has
been altered. It was cut so that the 'top' could be removed without the
'sides' also being attached. This unit was rack mounted and this
modification made it much easier to service.

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