I found it. It looks pretty slick. Better than my method.


"Roger Ivie" wrote in message
> On 2006-01-06, Don wrote:
> > Now if I boot in CP/M-86 I can run the utility that sets the active
> > partition. If I want to boot in DOS I just select the other partition
> > and reboot. Now I'm in DOS (or Windows). If I want to run CP/M-86
> > again all I have to do is run FDISK again and set the active partition
> > to the one with CP/M-86 on it and reboot again. Now I'm back in
> > CP/M-86.

> Back in the days I was doing this sort of thing, I used a boot block
> called BOOTANY that I found on the net. It popped up a little menu
> allowing me to select the OS. Making a selection set that partition
> active and continued the boot sequence. Came with source.
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