I was having serious connectivity issues with RoadRunner for quite some
time. I was blaming them for the problems I was having. I would sometimes
bootup and find that I was not connected to the Internet(could not open any
website, could not ping, just a dead connection). I would have to reboot to
get connected(sometimes several times). I swap out modems and cables(Cat 5)
with RoadRunner but that was no help. I had techs come out and they ran some
new wires(even though they found nothing wrong) and that did not correct the
problem either. Of course when they were here there was no connection
problems. I ran diagnostics on my onboard LAN( Broadcom NetLink Gigabit
Ethernet) everything passed. I reset winsock several times also. I would
search the web(when I could get connected) for connection problems info.
This has been going on for months. Then about four days ago I was reading
about Cat 5 cable versus Cat5e and Cat6. It talked about several problems
with Cat5 cable. One of the problems was NEXT(near end cross talk)
corrupting signals because of inadequate shielding so I bought a Cat6 cable
and I have had no problems since. I know it's only been three to four days
but my connection problems were daily. Also my connection speed seems to be
faster than with the Cat5 cable. I thought I'd just throw this info out
there in case anyone else could benefit from this. Sorry for the long post
but if this helps... Greg T